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Balance Training Program

Do you stumble? Do you wobble? Do you fall frequently? You probably have balance problem.
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Balance is the most important part of our daily life. Whether, we are young or old, balance does play vital role in our ability to perform. There are many causes of balance problem. We, at HealthCure Rehabilitation do thorough assessment of patient and customize the training program according to individual’s need. We have state of the art equipment at our facility to evaluate and treat balance problem called BIODEX-SD. Normal balance is controlled by a complex combination of visual, muscular and neurological systems. Together, this system keeps us from falling when we encounter an unexpected disturbance. Testing and individualized exercises program will improve an individual’s ability to remain upright under challenging conditions.

The Balance Training Program consists of Balance Evaluation, Balance Training, strengthening program if necessary and home exercise program. HealthCure Rehabilitation offers balance rehabilitation for young with pre- operative sport injury and post-operative rehabilitation.

Balance Training Program is covered by all insurances Give your health in hands of experienced Physical Therapist at
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