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Pain Management

Pain Pain Go away……………
      Never come another day……………

The life is to enjoy without any discomfort. It is a human nature that; we want to be pain free. However, certain things are out of our control and one of them is “Pain”. But, we are there to take care of your pain and make your life as problem free as possible. There are many causes of pain, e.g, muscle pain & joint pain from arthritis; Tingling associated with pain may be from Diabetic Neuritis; or pain going down in your arms or legs from Disc disease in your spine. The Physical Therapists at HealthCure Rehabilitation, Inc. are specialized in treating all types of pain very efficiently. We treat Pain with evidence based therapy and with integrated approach. Our facility is well equipped with modern pain management equipments like Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Light Therapy and the recently most used Laser Therapy.

Our Therapists are certified in Kinesio Tapping, where the technique is used to apply a Kinesio Tape in such a way that the particular joint, muscle or tendon is kept well supported so much so that the movement is done without any interference. Kinesio Tapping is well used in sports injury, where the sportsman can continue play without keeping him/her off of a game. Kinesio Tapping is equally proven helpful in non-sport person to alleviate pain and discomfort without keeping her/him off of a daily routine.

Integrated Approach:

Pain management is not complete without participation of an individual who is suffering from pain. We at HealthCure Rehabilitation, works with our patient to manage pain not only through rehabilitation but also through instructions how to do things differently. The body mechanics plays important role in re-producing or inhibiting pain. One little wrong move can produce immense amount of pain. Our experienced Therapists give written & illustrated instructions to our patient to follow at home. Also, the continuation of prescribed exercises at home plays vital role in achieving faster relief in pain. We give illustrated & well understood Home Exercise Program to our patients to follow.

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